Carry Out

Stop eating that massed-produced stuff and treat yourself to a real meal!

Carry-out is available for anything on our lunch menu or dinner menu. Choose from a variety of fresh tossed salads, like the LIBERATORE'S Salad or the Augie. Or pickup His and Hers favorite entrees like Shrimp Diavolo or Tortellacchi Pizzaioli (so there's plenty to share) for that romantic at-home Date Night.

Remind your taste buds what good food tastes like: End the day on a high note with a taste of LIBERATORE'S!


We ate at Liberatore's while travelling on Government business and just wanted to let you know what a pleasant time we had. Dinner was really delicious but I have to say we enjoyed the exemplary attitude and hospitality that Katie displayed… She made us feel very welcome. Excellent service and food, thanks!

~ K. Bennett

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